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Among other things, my great-grandmother was a masterful seamstress. When I was a very little girl she taught me how to hand sew and crochet. But most of all she taught me that it is possible to create almost anything as long as you can envision it.

From an early age, I have been making things.....from doll clothes to ceramic dishes. In my early twenties I took my creative work to the next level and started selling the beaded jewelry that I was making at that time. At first I sold exclusively to friends. Later I began showing my creations at crafts fairs and music festivals. After ten years of full-time jewelry making, I outgrew beads and beadwork.

The need to expand propelled me to travel overseas. After exploring Nepal, India and South East Asia I started a small import business with a very dear friend. Together we learned the in's and out's of working and living in Asia. One thing led to another and before long I was designing and producing my own clothing and that's where the Queen of Hearts story begins....

Our Story

Queen of Hearts Clothing was formally established in 2002. We are an independently owned and operated business. Our production takes place on the enchanted island of Bali, where we have the great joy of co-creating with a family operated cottage industry. Thanks to your continued support, we have been able to keep our family of tailors working full time since 2002 and are able to make contributions to non-profit organizations in Bali that assist women and children in need.

Queen of Hearts in online based , with representation in independent yoga studios and boutiques nation wide. Our warehouse is strategically located in the hills of Northern California, just 15 minutes from Harbin Hot Springs.

Our clothing is perfect for dance, yoga and every day dress up. It is playful yet elegant, simple yet feminine. Each piece is a joy to create and is an expression of love, from us to you. We hope that our clothing supports you in living your dreams .....comfortably and beautifully!

May you dance your dreams and walk in beauty!

With Love and Gratitude,
Sujatiya and the Queen of Hearts Family

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